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We specialize in Custom Homes

where Buyers often speak of our honesty, integrity and expertise. You will deal directly with the

Builder, no go between, no site manager, no confusion. This is why our clients enjoy the

building experience they have with Mance and Son. When building in a Mance and Son neighborhood you can select from one of our plans or bring your own. Flexibility and personalizing your custom home is our trademark.

Custom Construction Home Steps:

  • Talk to a lender about a custom construction loan. There are a few local lenders that specialize in custom construction loans. Ask us for referrals.

  • Once you have accomplished the leg work with the lender, you can choose a lot and plan. It's always good to use a plan the builder has previously built, however, Mance and Son is a custom builder and will consider any plan. Select a lot in which the home, once constructed, is at least 15 feet from the side property lines. The Builder will then give you an estimate based on Mance and Son Standard Features list.

  • If the estimate fits into your budget, the next step is to obtain a pre-qualification letter from the bank and enter into a Vacant Lot Purchase and Sale Agreement with Mance and Son. This agreement will be contingent on you and the Builder agreeing to a price, plan and start date. The required earnest money for this purchase and sale is $4,000 and will be credited to you at closing on the custom construction loan.

  • At this point you will want to purchase a set of plans so that the Builder can give you a contract price to build your new home. Some designer/architectural firms will provide the Builder with a "bid set" of plans on a pdf prior to committing to the purchase of a full 5 sets.

  • The first full meeting with the builder will be once you have received your plan or the "bid set" to review the plan, changes and upgrades to the Standard Features list.

  • The Builder will email you the bid, along with a Description of Materials Sheet (DMAS) for your review and arrange another meeting. He will go over in detail the DMAS and make revisions as you request and answer any questions you might have.

  • You will receive the revised DMAS and contract to review and/or amend. We will schedule another meeting if necessary, but at this juncture you will be asked to agree to and sign the DMAS and Construction Contract.

  • Once all documents are signed, we will deliver them to your lender to start the custom construction loan process. The Builder will submit for a building permit and once obtained will start construction on your home. The typical time period for construction is 6 months, depending on the time of year and weather.

  • Together, we will make appointments with the suppliers and subcontractors to make selections for your home. You can also choose to make these appointments on your own. We are at your disposal during this phase of construction. Communication between you and the Builder is critical and there will be times where the Builder will want to make appointments with you at the job site to review the construction of your new home.

  • When the house is complete you will have the opportunity to do a home orientation with the Builder or representative and be given the keys to your new home. You'll also be given a copy of the Mance and Son Home Warranty and other documentation for your records.

    Interested in purchasing a home under construction (presale) problem. Here are the easy steps:

  • ​Our sales representative will provide you with a Description of Materials List for your review

  • Sign a Purchase and Sale contract with the Builder Presale Addendum

  • Meet with the Builder to approve documents and discuss possible changes or upgrades

  • Once home is about one month from completion we will notify you of an estimated completion date so you can prepare for your move

  • Upon completion you will be given a Certificate of Occupancy which will be followed by an orientation of your new home operations, warranty and complete home operations package

  • After a few weeks we will stop by to ensure everything is operating properly.

From the breaking of ground through the final stages, Mance and Son will be at your side during the process of building your home. Whether this is your first custom home or one of many, we will change the chaos to calm, the frantic to fun and make building a home the best experience possible.

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